About Us

Let’s meet at the Trailhead and travel together.

We specialise in website, content and print solutions.

Hi, I’m Dave and I started Trailhead Studio to provide website, content and print solutions for small businesses, nonprofits, entrepreneurs and bloggers.

We’re a small agency and we’re happy with that. We provide a personal service, but don’t worry – although that sounds expensive we are very affordable.

This is what we do

We build and care for WordPress websites

We can design and develop a website that enables you to achieve your goals. And – whether built by us or not – give your website a fast, secure and reliable home, keep it in perfect condition and provide support when you need repairs and improvements.

We create content that converts

Text, images and other media are crucial factors in turning passive audiences into customers, subscribers, donors and more. We can create original text – or tidy up your text – for your website and other communication channels. And we can handle your image needs, from helping you select compelling images to image manipulation and SEO optimisation.

We solve print problems

The commercial print world can be just as baffling as the online world. But no worries, we have long experience in creating print-ready finished artwork and reducing print costs.

This is who we are

Trailhead Studio is an Australia-based team of website, content and print professionals.

We have experience of working for corporations and nonprofits. And we have experience of running our own small businesses, start-ups and blogs.

We know the frustration of not being able to achieve what you want because you don’t know how to do something technical needed to achieve it, like run a website, create compelling content or overcome technical print issues. We can remove that frustration for you.

So don’t hesitate to tell us about your website, content and print projects and problems, both tiny small and scary large. We’ll have a look and let you know what can be done. Obligation free.

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