Apply For Your Nonprofit Discount

Helping you achieve your nonprofit goals.

Trailhead Studio awards a 10% discount to a limited number of nonprofit organisations. Successful applicants can use their discount unlimited times on any Trailhead Studio service.

We award discounts to deserving nonprofits genuinely working for the benefit and preservation of the environment, people, culture and heritage.

We consider applications from established and startup nonprofits. Nonprofits with limited online presence may need to submit further evidence for a successful application.

Use this form to present a compelling case for your nonprofit to receive a discount.

You can leave fields blank that don’t apply to your nonprofit, just be sure to provide sufficient information for us to understand your nonprofit’s aims, campaigns and achievements.

Although we strongly encourage you to apply please note that not all applications can be successful as we only award a limited number of discounts. Discounts are awarded at our sole discretion.